15:57 , December 15, 2011
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Arnfinn Johansen – Svalbard 2011

  Arnfinn Johansen
  Lillehammer, Norway


 If you’re a nature photographer, and want the most out of your trip to Svalbard, where animal and bird life, nature photography, and exceptional lighting conditions are most important, then I most heartily recommend to travel with Naturfokus. Ole Jørgen’s Svalbard expeditions are professional all the way. The tours are always well planned, and everything is done to guarantee exceptional photo opportunities. On our trip in July 2011 we had several amazing encounters with polar bears in breathtaking light in the evening and during the night. In addition to being knowledgeable and experienced about the Svalbard archipelago’s wildlife, Ole Jørgen is also a warm and pleasant travel guide and group leader. I highly recommend these photo expeditions to Svalbard!
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  1. Yann Muzika says:

    Great pictures !

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