#6 King Penguins in snow blizzard
08:00 , February 6, 2012

#6 King Penguins in snow blizzard

Penguins are always great to photograph, even when the weather is “bad”. In this picture the wind was very strong, so it was difficult to see the birds even when they came quite close. But, when I got at least one of the penguins in focus it was well worth the effort.

PHOTO INFO 500/4.0, 1/640 sec, f/6,3 and ISO 400
PHOTOGRAPHER Ole Jørgen Liodden
LOCATION Salisbury Plains, South Georgia
DATE November, 2008
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  1. This is photo art – like a painting.
    Just love the tones and presentation.

  2. OJL says:

    Thanks Alan!

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