15:17 , April 16, 2012
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Jeremy Giddens – Rwanda 2012

 Jeremy Giddens
Oslo, Norway


 I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from Rwanda, but I knew one thing for certain; if Ole Jørgen was going there, the photo opportunities would be great. From a photographic standpoint, our time spent with the gorillas proved to be very productive. Every day, we were literally surrounded by several gorillas at distances ranging from a few centimeters to 10+ meters. I can’t immagine that it would matter what lens was being used, the photo opportunities were endless. In addition to photographing the gorillas, the hotel area was surrounded by birds and flowers, as well as cultural opportunities all along the way.

Ole Jørgen hired fantastic guides and drivers, arranged for very comfortable accomodation with great food, and had planned out all of the other small details that make his trips truely worth every cent.

As for the country of Rwanda, I had no idea of what to expect. Everything I knew about the country, I knew from watching Hotel Rwanda. A bit sad because Rwanda turned out to be an amazing country. I was extremely impressed! Everyone was very friendly, the food was good, the roads were good, everyone drove safely, and not least of all, Rwanda is perhaps the cleanest place I have ever been!

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