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Per Trovik – Rwanda 2012

Per Trovik
Asker, Norge


 In feb. 2012 I flew with Naturfokus to Rwanda to photograph the Mountain Gorillas. We visited the Genocide Museum in Kigali, and a local market with a lively crowd of people,
and kids competing to get photographed. The photo opportunities were plenty and very amusing until I made the mistake of paying a few dollars, then everything ended in begging. The car ride to the Mountain Gorilla View Lodge went on recently constructed roads, and with ample seat space in the landcruiser, I could lean back and enjoy the ride/scenery.

The Lodge bordered to the Volcano National Park, north-west in Virunga. The main building was huge, light and surrounded by very comfortable cottages. Early next morning I was ready for the first gorilla trek. I ended up in a group with Ole Jørgen Liodden and Kjell Germeten. We visited the Bwenge-group high up in the mountains. The hike was exhausting. But well up in the mountains I got paid for my efforts. We arrived in virgin forest, a cathedral of large trunks and foliages. And here we found the gorillas. We were told in advance to keep our distance to the animals. But that was not easy. Suddenly a Silverback arrived, and he past right in front of me. We were surrounded by animals in all ages. Some of the female gorillas had babies. In the dense vegetation it became a struggle to get in position and gain a good photo shooting angle. The gorillas didn’t seem to bother, they appeared relaxed and almost ignored us. Our hour went quickly, and we had to leave the gorillas. After the mountain hike was over, I was pretty exhausted, but satisfied! The encounter with Mountain Gorillas came to be quite an experience!

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