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Workshop Smøla winter 2014

Welcome to wildlife photo workshops at Smøla (Norway) 23-26.01 and 30.01-02.02 2014. During these days you will get good opportunities to photograph White-tailed eagles (from hide and boat), seabirds, ducks and maybe also some whales (Orcas). The light on this time of the year might also be great, so get ready for for some inspiring days on the west coast of Norway.

White-tailed Eagle

Smøla has one of the highest densities of White-tailed eagles in Europe. You will have great opportunities to photograph these magnificent birds from our hide on land and at sea from a small boat. With plenty of eagles you can expect interesting activity and action photography of this large raptor.


If the weather is calm we can go out in the more open sea where the Herring is migrating at this time of the year. Large numbers of seabirds are feeding on the fish and we can photograph species as: Black-legged Kittiwake, Herring gull, Northern fulmar, Northern Gannet and maybe also Great skua, Iceland gull and Glaucous Gull. Maybe we also can find whales.


Herring Gull (Larus argentatus) on Smøla, Norway (Ole Jørgen Liodden)
Herring gull in winter light. Copyright © Ole Jørgen Liodden / Naturfokus.



Large numbers of ducks like Velvet Scoter and Common scoter is near Smøla during the winter. We can photograph these birds when we are out with the small boat, and also from a small hide.


Velvet scoter in flight, Smøla. Copyright © Ole Jørgen Liodden / Naturfokus.


Northern light

The Northern lights this winter are expected to be the best (in a 7 year cycle). We have some dark areas where we can photograph the Aurora if we get the right conditions.

About the photography

It’s an advantage to use long telephoto lenses like 400mm, 500mm or 600mm when photographing from the hides. Fast autofocus and high ISO is also good features to have. There are tripod heads in the hides for mounting your lenses. 70-200mm or 300mm are most suitable when shooting from our 2 boats.


Smøla Havfiskesenter will be our base for this workshop. There are nice appartments for 4 people, and the price is based on SINGLE rooms. You can also get your own appartment (+ NOK 2500,-).


Smøla havfiskesenter. Copyright © Ole Jørgen Liodden / Naturfokus.



Smøla is located approx. 1 hour Northwest of Kristiansund (including 2 ferries). There are daily flights between Oslo – Kristiansund. Let us know if you need help organizing the transportation.


Reserve a spot on this workshop at booking@naturfokus.com. The workshop fee is NOK 9950,- (NOK 12.450,- for your own appartment). The fee includes photo hides, boat trips, accommodation, guiding and classes. There will be minimum 6, maximum 12 photographers on this workshop.

Photo guide

Ole Jørgen Liodden / Roy Mangersnes
You are very welcome on this workshop!

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