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Trip report Svalbard 2013 #2
16:09 , August 19, 2013
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Our late July expedition to Svalbard has become a classic, and we were really looking forward to this trip. The conditions were very good with ice almost at the same latitude as during our June expedition. Several of our returning clients were on this trip as well as many fresh names from 6 different nations. [...]

SVALBARD Ice Lover June 2014
08:10 , June 27, 2013

1 – 9 JUNE 2014, 1 SPOT (LADY) AVAILABLE We invite you to join us on this exciting 8 days photo expedition to Svalbard in beginning of June 2014, specially arranged for nature photography enthusiasts. WildPhoto Travel will be chartering  the entire ship, M/S MALMØ, during the period of 1 – 9 JUNE 2014. This [...]

Trip report Svalbard 2013 #1
16:23 , June 26, 2013
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Based on our experience with the changing ice conditions in the last three years we felt quit confident when we released an “ice-lovers” expeditions, starting the first week of June. As expected the conditions were perfect for our trip with open water as far north as we usually see in mid July. The trip was [...]

Svalbard Winter 2013
13:50 , April 17, 2013
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As one of the most experienced suppliers of photo trips to Svalbard it seemed natural that WildPhoto Travel was the preferred partner when Nikon Norway and Interfoto went on teambuilding trip to the islands. The fact that I am a Nikon ambassador might also have played a small part, but still we pushed ourselves to [...]

13:21 , April 12, 2013
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GREAT WINTER PHOTO WORKSHOP WITH EAGLES AND SEABIRDS Welcome to wildlife photo workshops at Smøla (Norway) 23-26.01 and 30.01-02.02 2014. During these days you will get good opportunities to photograph White-tailed eagles (from hide and boat), seabirds, ducks and maybe also some whales (Orcas). The light on this time of the year might also be [...]

Trip report Galapagos 2012
16:08 , December 13, 2012
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Trip report from Galapagos 23.04-03.05 2012, written by Roy Mangersnes.   Day 1 Arriving from Quito to Baltra in the Galapagos we were all excited to see what the expedition would bring. With 16 passengers, two zodiacs and a crew of 8, the boat that will be our home for the next 11 days seem [...]

Antarctic Dream #10
09:20 , November 9, 2012
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Day 16 – Deception Island Deception Island in a volcanic island in the South Shetland Islands. As the vulcano is still active there is hot steam coming up from the ground at the beach. The water close to the shore was very hot, even though it was below 0º celsius in the air. A few [...]

Antarctic Dream #9
09:51 , November 8, 2012
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Day 15 – South Shetland Islands After three rather quiet days at sea we are now at the South Sheltand Island, close to the Antarctic peninsula. The scenery is stunning, and penguins are all over the place. This morning we had a landing at Half Moon Island, visiting a Chinstrap Penguin rookery. These birds are [...]

Antarctic Dream #8
23:37 , November 6, 2012
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Day 12 – South-Georgia. At this time of the year the beaches at South Georgia are packed with Elephant seals. At every beach there is a “beach master”, a big male controlling the beach. This male can have harems of up to 100 females ready to mate with him. Around the harems there are a [...]

Antarctic Dream #7
09:51 , November 4, 2012
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Day 11 – South-Georgia. Early this morning we landed at Gold Harbour, another fantastic location in South Georgia. We where lucky to be there when the first gentle rays from the rising sun hit the beach at 4 a.m. The beach where packed with wildlife, we had to watch every single step we took not [...]