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Arctic Terns vs Arctic Fox
20:59 , August 17, 2010
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During the Svalbard expedition in late July, I had some interesting encounters with the Arctic Fox and Arctic Tern. The fox could not restrain itself from trying to steal eggs or chicks from the Arctic Terns and the adult terns defended their nests bravely. Several times the terns attacked and nipped at the ears and [...]

Eurasian Eagle-owl
00:32 , August 6, 2010
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This summer I have been able to photograph the Eurasian Eagle-owl twice on the west coast of Norway. This is the biggest owl in Europe, and is for many people a mysterious and rare owl, since it is nocturnal. The usual challenges of night photography are slow shutter speeds, noisy high ISOs, problems with AF [...]

12:00 , June 7, 2010
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It's been about 10 years since I've seen a slow-worm, but last week one suddenly popped up in my own garden. I quickly gathered up my Nikon 105/2.8 VR macro lens and my macro flashes. The sun was about to set which gave an exciting but also very challenging background. The distance and the strength [...]

Black-tailed Godwit
08:06 , June 5, 2010
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Here's the last part of the report from the bird island of Texel in the Netherlands. After sunrise, photographing the Sandwich Terns, I had less than two hours before I had to leave. This was actually too short a time, but I quickly found an area with Black-tailed Godwits that were close to a road. [...]

Sandwich Terns
22:50 , June 1, 2010
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In Texel, I was advised to shoot a Sandwich Tern colony in the evening using front-lighting, but I'd much rather go for back-lighting at dawn. I have great memories of 16 years ago, when shooting Arctic Terns in Finnmark (the northern-most part of Norway) with reddish back-lighting. It was tempting to try this again. I [...]

22:22 , May 30, 2010
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I´m now back from the Netherlands after the opening of Wild Wonders of Europe exhibition in The Hague. I have two photographs out of the 100 images in this exhibition and it is open until August 30th. I also had time for one intense day with the birds on Texel, which I really enjoyed. For [...]